What's the status of your identity?

What's the status of your identity?

For each question, pick the choice that is closest to the way you feel right now.

1.    Politics is something that:

a. I can never be too sure about because things change so fast. But I do think it's important to know what I can politically stand for and believe in

b. I haven't really considered because it doesn't excite me much.

c. I feel pretty much the same way as my family. I follow what they do in terms of voting and such.

d. I have thought through. I realize I can agree with some and not other aspects of what my family believes.

2. When it comes to religion,
a. I'm not sure what religion means to me. I'd like to make up my mind but I'm not done looking yet.

b. I don't give religion much thought and it doesn't bother me one way or the other.

c. I've gone through a period of serious questions about faith and can now say I understand what I believe in as an individual

d. I've never really questioned my religion. If it's right for my family it must be right for me.

3. Regarding my career choice,
a. I haven't really settled on a career and I'm just taking whatever jobs are available until something good comes along.

b. I'm still trying to decide where my career interests lie and actively thinking about what jobs will be right for me.

c. I thought a little about my career, but there's never really any question since my parents said what they wanted for me.

d. It took me a while to figure it out, but now I really know that I am on the right career path.

4. With regard to men's and women's roles:

a. my views are identical to those of my family. What has worked for them will obviously work for me

b. I've never really seriously considered men's and women's roles. It just doesn't seem to concern me.

c. I've spent some time thinking about men's and women's roles and I've decided what works best for me. 

d. There are so many ways to define men's and women's role; I'm trying to decide what will work for me.

Here's the guide to the answers:

Politics: a= Moratorium b= Diffuse c=Foreclosed d=Achieved

Religion: a= Moratorium b= Diffuse c= Achieved d= Foreclosed

Career: a= Diffuse b= Moratorium c= Foreclosed d= Achieved

Gender Role: a= Foreclosed b= Diffuse c=Achieved 4= Moratorium

People high on the commitment and exploration dimension are the traditional "identity achieved."

At the opposite pole on both dimensions, people low in commitment and exploration fit criteria for "identity diffused."

People high on exploration but low on commitment are in a category called "moratorium." This means that they have placed a hold on making the major decisions in their lives. They're thinking hard about what they want to do but aren't ready to commit. 

The final category applies to people who are low on exploration and high on commitment. In other words, they have a firm sense of self but they never went through a serious process of questioning their commitments. These are called "foreclosed;" in other words, they have closed off any serious contemplation of what they really want out of life. 

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