Women's 100 Year Policy Blueprint

Women's 100 Year Policy Blueprint

Women's Policy Vision: 100 Year Blueprint

As someone who has traversed the economic landscape of our country, I can tell you the shift from scarcity to abundance thinking is the biggest mental change. When you grow up wondering if there will be groceries, watching your parents count quarters, the idea of the universe as an abundant and plentiful thing doesn’t necessarily compute.

I grew up the daughter of a family of poor, Sikh immigrants in an unincorporated township of Northern California. My mother was forced into an arranged marriage and never allowed to pursue learning. I was determined to get the best education possible, and received scholarships to UC Berkeley and Oxford University, where I studied Rhetoric, Political Theory, and Policy -- hoping to understand how to build a world that was different.

Through my policy studies, I learned how we, as women, have long labored under scarcity thinking. Our work often isn’t paid: being a mother isn’t valued, economically -- despite the value it provides to society. The emotional labor we undertake in workplaces -- the work of care -- is considered a “soft skill,” and not highly compensated for. Our bodies, and minds, are considered second-class -- in many parts of the country, and world, policies regulating our bodies, health, and personal choices are determined by men.

Entering into the halls of power, be it via academia, Silicon Valley, or politics, I listened. What I heard was abundance thinking. These are people for whom there has always been enough, and time is one of those things. The Koch brothers and similar tacticians who aim to take away our rights think strategically, ruthlessly, scalably, and long-term. They set visions, study geopolitics, conduct risk assessments against their goals, and plan contingencies so that they achieve what they set out to do.

As women, we need to come together and think just as strategically. We have an opportunity, now -- with so many women running and entering into the halls of power for the first time -- to set a vision for the next 100 years.

I am reaching out to you as forerunners in your field; powerful women who have the luxury of thinking into the future and helping craft an ambitious policy plan that can bear fruit and bring abundance to our future.

  • Jas Johl (Former Director @ The Center for Institutional & Social Change & Board Member @ The Roosevelt Institute)



The Goal:

  • A comprehensive, interactive report, delivered to all female politicians running for office in 2020.

Your Commitment:

You can participate in three ways:

  1. Make a pledge to join a committee

[Time commitment: minimum bi-weekly, 1 hour  call from March - June 2019]:

    1. Policy (Commit to helping research and craft the policy vision)

    2. Advocacy (Commit to helping us get this into the hands of visionary people)

    3. Design (Commit to helping us set a design and marketing vision)

    4. Financial (Commit to helping us set a fundraising vision)

    5. Regulatory (Commit to helping us figure out the legal and structural vision of this group)

    6. Technology (Commit to helping us build and connect this group’s vision via technology).


2. Make a pledge to stay updated on our vision, and help us get the word out

[Minimum: Receive monthly newsletter, follow & subscribe].

3. Make a pledge to share this with a powerful woman who can contribute

[Minimum: click share on this document].

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